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10 of My Favorite Must-Have Apps

The topic for this week’s Tuesday Ten is: MY FAVORITE MUST-HAVE APPS 

As I’ve mentioned before in a few other posts, I love technology. I love checking out new computers and devices … and apps are absolutely no exception. In fact, without apps most new devices would be basically useless. They would indeed be boring.

No matter what your device of choice may be, there are literally hundreds of apps available on your device to choose from and use. There are productivity apps, games and entertainment apps, weather apps, medical apps, news apps, camera apps, map apps and much much much more. While it’s fun to explore and give new apps a try, you soon find out that you can’t keep all of them. If you do, your new device will most likely start running short on memory. Your speedy new device will soon begin acting sluggish and that takes all the fun right out of all those great apps and your newest toy.

As with any computer program, there are good apps and bad apps. As new apps come out that I feel would be useful to me, I enjoy giving them a try. If they’re really good, I keep them. If they aren’t, I instantly delete them … because I already have a group of favorite apps that are “must-haves” on my devices. I can’t afford to get bogged down with useless apps. Speed and efficiency is too important to me.

So which apps are my current must-have favorites? Here’s my answer: (Clicking on the icons below will take you to the various websites where you can find more info about each app.)

 1. Social Media Apps: Facebook, Twitter & G+ – I had to group these together because all of them are absolute must-haves on every device I own. They’re how I stay in touch.:)


 2. Pinterest – Another must-have! Pinterest is useful, helpful, and entertaining all rolled into one. I couldn’t do without it!

 pinterest icon


 3. WordPress – No matter where I am, I have access to my blog. I can approve and reply to comments. I can draft new posts and/or edit other posts.



 4. Keeper – This safe and secure password program is another must-have. It’s available for every device I own and it’s syncable (meaning it’s constantly updated and the same on every device). Keeper stores all my passwords for all my various accounts and with the entry of just one main password, it automatically fills in my various user names and passwords. Keeper is a God-send!:)



 5. Pocket – Love this app! There aren’t enough hours in each day to read all the great blog posts that I come across. With the touch of a button, I can save posts for later reading and keep them all in one convenient spot. As I save each article I can tag it by topic for easy finding later. Pocket is a great tool to use to store posts for reference on future posts I’d like to write, to store tutorials and helpful posts on how to do various things, and an excellent way to save interesting articles for later sharing.



 6. Weatherbug – Because weather in Western New York can change by the minute.:)

 Cover art


 7. Check – This fast, handy, and secure banking app keeps me up to speed on my bank balance and reminds me about bills that are due to be paid as well.



 8.  Google Maps – Because sometimes I have no sense of direction and couldn’t even find my way out of a brown paper bag if I had to.:)



 9. Candy Crush – Because sometimes a girl just wants to have fun!



10. Angry Birds – Because sometimes this girl feels tired and/or frustrated and just wants to destroy things. Angry Birds is a good way to work out that aggression without really hurting anyone.:)


These are just a few of the many apps I use on a regular basis. I’m also a big fan of Feedly and Flipboard. I like YouTube and the BuzzFeed app and a dictionary app and the OneNote and Evernote apps…. but this is Tuesday Ten not Twenty.:)


Tuesday Ten is hosted by Rabia of The Liebers. Each week, she cheerfully assigns a topic and to participate each blogger must come up with a list of 10 things that pertain to it. I like that idea and hope you will, too. Hope you’ll follow along to see what the topic is each week and to see what I’ve come up with … and not just me. Lots of other bloggers will be offering up their Top Tens on the same topic as well. If you’re a blog reader, there’s sure to be a lot of interesting posts to read! If you’re a blogger… why not join the fun? Drop by The Liebers to read the rules and to see what next week’s topic will be. Post your Top Ten! Have some fun! The more the merrier! 😀

In the meantime, what’s your favorite app? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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