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10 Things That Help Me Relax

In honor of National Hammock Day, the topic for this week’s Tuesday Ten is: Things That Help Me Relax 

Did you know that today (July 22nd) is National Hammock Day? It is! I kid you not! I did a Google search in an attempt to find Hammock Day’s origin and to learn why there is such a “national” holiday, but my efforts were thwarted by a lack of information. No one knows how this day came into being.

What I did, however, learn about National Hammock Day is that it’s a day that’s been specifically set aside – smack dab in the middle of summer – to remind us to slow down, relax, appreciate and enjoy a day of wonderful summertime. And that to me sounds like a great idea!

I don’t own a hammock, but I do find other ways to relax nonetheless … and here they are:




1. Morning tea and browsing – Most people I know work 9:00-5:00 Monday through Friday. They get up in the morning and go to work. When they come home from work they tend to dinner and chores and when those are done they hopefully have time to relax and unwind before they go to bed. My schedule is the complete opposite of theirs. I work a 3:00-11:00 PM shift every Sunday through Thursday. I get up in the morning and relax while drinking a cup of tea with honey. I check my email and browse the internet (mostly social media). From there I move on to blogging and posting etc. The house is quiet. My husband works days Monday through Friday. It’s certainly not ideal that we’re on opposite schedules, but I must confess – I completely enjoy my quiet me-time mornings. I start my day relaxing and I love it. I give myself an hour or so and then I tend to chores and lunch (which sometimes serves as dinner for hubs as well). After lunch I get ready and go to work for the evening. Again, it’s certainly not an ideal schedule, but it works for me.:)

 2. Listening to music – On weekends or days off work, I enjoy kicking back and listening to music. It’s a great way to unwind and relax – especially while…

 3. Sitting on my front porch – One of my absolute most favorite things to do on summer evenings (when I’m home) is to sit on my front porch in my comfortable rocking chair … and listen to music or read … or simply chat with my husband and watch the fireflies at night. That cushioned rocker is the closest thing I have to a hammock. It’s extremely relaxing.:)



Fireflies at Night

photo credit: 9brandon via photopin cc

 4. Reading or listening to a good book – No matter where you are, a good book can be a wonderful escape from reality. I love to read and find it very relaxing. I even read at work. I do data entry for a living and that can be pretty monotonous and make for a long day. Listening to a good book while I type helps make the time fly by. Amazingly, it also helps me type faster and improves my accuracy – which is something my boss likes a lot.:)

5. A drink or two – can also be very relaxing. Sometimes a little too much so.:)



photo credit: ALalto via photopin cc

 6. Taking a walk – This is something that I really need to do more often than I have been because I do an awful lot of sitting both at work and also at home while blogging. Walking is a great way to loosen up my mind and body and unwind. I really do enjoy a good walk up our quiet country road and I’m always very relaxed when I return. It’s good exercise – something I that I’m in desperate need of – and I really need to start doing more of it now …. before winter and the return of snow.

 7. Fishing – My husband loves fishing … and he’s really quite good at it. He always knows where the fish will be biting and what bait to use. He loves to take me fishing with him – though I don’t know why. I need a comfortable chair to sit on. I need a towel in case my hands get messy. I need something to drink (because it gets mighty hot out there in the sun). I need sunscreen. I won’t bait my own hook and I won’t take the fish off the hook that I catch. I often need help casting. My line gets tangled. My sinker gets stuck. Etc. etc. etc. Still he keeps asking me to go. And I love that about him.:)The truth is that I love to go fishing with him, too. Bill knows all the great places to fish in our area and many are secluded or out of the way. We usually have to hike a little way to reach where we’re going. Wherever we go, it’s beautiful and serene – the trees, the sky, the water. We’re usually the only people there when we arrive. It’s very quiet … and many of the best talks we’ve ever had have taken place while fishing. It’s just us and we can really relax and kick back. (That’s my favorite thing about “fishing” by the way – our talks.) … And Bill really needs to relax by the time we reach our fishing destination – because carrying chairs, a cooler, the fishing rods, bait and a tackle box he looks like a pack mule while we’re on our way to whatever fishing spot he’s chosen.:)I help as much as I can. I carry the bag with my towel and the sunscreen.:)



My big catch a few weeks ago while fishing with Bill. (Forgive the hair – it was really HOT that day!)


 8.  Pool & Sister-time – Many Saturdays in the summertime, you’ll find me enjoying quality time with my sister, Leslie in her pool. We’ll spend hours out there in her back yard in that pool – just talking. Whether we swim or just stand at poolside or float on a blow-up raft, we visit. We catch up on everything that’s new with each other. We discuss our joys and victories, our worries and concerns, and we bare our souls to one another. The pool is refreshing, but what relaxes me most is that time spent with my sister. It’s like a vacation and I’m ready to face the world again afterward.:)



This is our poolside AquaBar. :)


 9. Playing a game – Some nights when I come home from work (at midnight), I need to unwind a bit before going to bed. Online games are a good way to do that. More than that though, I enjoy playing real-time games. I like playing cards. My mom was a big fan of Gin Rummy. She always beat me, but still I found that playing that game (or just about any card game) really relaxing. I also like board games. Games are a great distraction from reality – and really anything that can take you away and give you a brief break from your daily routine and the concerns of life will give you relaxation.

10. Snuggling with Romeo – I have a couch that reclines. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do I love to sit on that couch with my feet up. I’ll hardly be seated before Romeo (my Bichon Frise) lands in my lap. And there he’ll stay because he knows I’ll pet and pet him while he snuggles up against me. I know it relaxes him because he almost falls asleep … and I know it relaxes me too because I almost do as well.:)






Tuesday Ten is hosted by Rabia of The Liebers. Each week, she cheerfully assigns a topic and to participate each blogger must come up with a list of 10 things that pertain to it. I like that idea and hope you will, too. Hope you’ll follow along to see what the topic is each week and to see what I’ve come up with … and not just me. Lots of other bloggers will be offering up their Top Tens on the same topic as well. If you’re a blog reader, there’s sure to be a lot of interesting posts to read! If you’re a blogger… why not join the fun? Drop by The Liebers to read the rules and to see what next week’s topic will be. Post your Top Ten! Have some fun! The more the merrier!

Now it’s your turn… What helps you relax? And do you who’s responsible for National Hammock Day????:)


Tuesday Ten




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