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Feature Friday – Feb. 14, 2014


♥♥♥ Hi & Happy Valentine’s Day one & all! ♥♥♥

It’s time once again for the FEATURE FRIDAY HOP!

Last week was the very first time the hop ran here on Blogitudes and we had a great turnout (considering it was a 1st-time hop)!

I so much appreciate the wonderful bloggers who participated last week and helped me get this hop off the ground & flying:

Amy from Some of the Best Things in Life are Mistakes

Denise from Simple/Live Simply Live Well

Starr from The Insomniac’s Dream

Cherie from In Cherie’s Words


Blog hops are a great way to share posts of your own and to see those of others. They’re very popular in the blogosphere. I enjoy participating in several hops each week that are hosted by others to help promote a post I’ve written and I’ve been doing so for a while now – so thought it was time I start up and host a hop of my own!

I’m calling my new hop, the FEATURE FRIDAY HOP – and it’s a hop with a bit of a twist.

The main mission of Feature Friday is to share posts and great content … but not just your own!

To enter and add your Feature Friday post and join the fun, you find the rules and the linky beneath my featured post below.

And now without further ado, here is my FEATURE FRIDAY HOP entry for this week:

He Married Me Anyway…

awesome cooking

bad cook

“There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.”
― Thomas Wolfe

So there I was… standing in Bill’s kitchen which was filled with thick gray smoke wondering what the heck I’d done wrong! Why was the oil smoking?

It was June. Bill (my future husband) and I had been dating a few months … and already I was crazy about him. We were in our early forties, but we were fit and trim and young at heart. He was like no one I had ever dated before. He was like everything I’d always been looking for (but just hadn’t known it ’till I met him)!

Tall, dark, handsome, smart, fun, and exciting. Bill stood 6′ 5″ – a full foot taller than me. He had thick dark hair, warm dark eyes, long legs, and his arms … oh his arms! His muscles were as hard as steel. And his smile! It went ear to ear and was easily flashed. I loved that! I loved his sense of humor and his laugh.