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I work nights full-time (3-11:30 p.m.) as a Transaction Service Representative (TSR) for a large banking institution in Western New York — which is just a fancy way of saying I do data entry work on a computer eight hours a night at work, five nights a week. The drive home is 25 minutes long. […]

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      love hummingbirds! They’re my favorite bird – so small and so fast! I love the way they can hover in mid air, look around and then zip off flying at near-lightning speed. It amazes me that when they get to where they’re going, they can just just stop. They do it so abruptly […]

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 just found this really interesting website at! For instance, how much do you know about SALT? Did you know it can do a whole lot more than just flavor your food? Some of these facts really surprised me! Check ‘em out below (by clicking the link) and let me know what you think! Pretty […]

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