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Something For My Happy Jar

happy moments in life
This past January long before any of us knew what 2013 would hold in store, my sister Leslie and my two nieces (Alyssa & Haylei) and I sat down one evening together and made Happy Jars. It was a craft project with a purpose. We each took a canning jar and decorated it – marked it 2013 – and our task for the year was to fill the jar with little happy notes. We agreed to individually record happy moments in life throughout the year on little colorful notes, place them in the jar, and then meet back together at the beginning of 2014 to each open our jars and share our happy 2013 notes with each other. The craft project itself was loads of fun. We had a great time designing our individual jars – seeing who could outdo who – laughing about googly eyes – and simply being together. When we were done, the very first note that was dropped into each 2013 jar was about the happy night we’d just had creating them. From there, we went our separate ways – taking our mostly empty Happy Jars with us.

Now the task was to fill the Happy Jar with happy memories of 2013. At the beginning, this was pretty easy to do. The jar was fresh on my mind – so any happy moment in life that rolled along got jotted down on a note and dropped in the jar. Then a few weeks passed and

happy moments in life
February turned into March, and Spring arrived in late April, May was terribly beautiful and busy, and my mom passed away in June. As the weeks of 2013 flew into months, the Happy Jar was less and less on my mind. I had placed it near my computer where I’d see it all the time, but still I often forgot to enter happy moments as they happened. Somewhere around August, I re-noticed my Happy Jar again and noted that it wasn’t looking too happy. It was just barely half-full. I still had a quarter of the year left, so I vowed to do better. I started relishing happy moments again and dropped each memory in my jar. Then my dad passed away in late September and my Happy Jar got forgotten again for a while. At some point in October, I started truly appreciating happy moments again and resumed writing notes and dropping them in the jar.

Now it’s almost mid-December … and guess what? My Happy Jar is nearly full. I look at it and smile! In fact, I marvel. Had this year not been so marked with loss, I think my Happy Jar would be brimming over with happy notes. In fact, I know it would!:)


happy moments in life

2013 Happy Jar

I made a deal with myself when I made the jar – that I wouldn’t re-read any happy notes dropped in the jar throughout the year -that I’d just drop them in the jar and forget about most of them. I don’t know if my sister and nieces made the same deal with themselves or not. I did because I want the notes in my jar to make me happy all over again when I re-read and remember them at our Happy Jar reunion. I can hardly wait for that get-together! This year has been a little rough on our family, but it’s almost over now. It’s holiday time once again. Alyssa arrives home this coming Saturday from Arkansas to begin her Christmas holiday time with us. We’ll soon be picking a date (during her visit) to reopen our 2013 Happy Jars and then make new ones for 2014. This year, my sister Pam will also be joining in the Happy Jar festivities. We’ll all be together and be re-reading our 2013 happy memories and sharing with each other. We’ll be laughing and smiling and despite our dear losses, we’ll be celebrating life and love and all that we have to be happy and grateful for – particularly each other. And that’s what will be written on the final note that I drop into my 2013 Happy Jar before I close and tuck it safely away for this year.




Have you ever made a Happy Jar? Might be something you’d like to try for 2014. I highly recommend it.

Think of it as a Happy Diary in A Jar – sort of like a time capsule that you can store away and dig out from time to time. They’re fun!

I happily added a new Happy note to my jar yesterday (Dec. 9, 2013). Blogitudes on Facebook reached 1,000 Likes!

Definitely went in my Happy Jar!:D:D:D

happy moments in life

Blogitudes on Facebook –


And here’s what my Happy Jar looks like tonight as I wrote this happy post!

happy moments in life



happy moments in life


 Save, celebrate and relish yours dear friend!

Happy Holidays from!


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