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It was Friday night – Lottery night at Don and Carol’s house. The TV was on and they sat slouched on the sofa – their anticipation mounting as they waited to hear the winning numbers of the day. Alfred the dog lay at their feet, trying to sleep. Now and then, he’d look up at Don and Carol with wide hopeful eyes.

Don smiled at Alfred, “Not long now, boy. We’ll feed you after the numbers come up.” Alfred’s ears perked up at the sound of his master’s voice and his tail began a tentative wag … but then he gave up and sighed deeply. It wasn’t dinner time yet.

“Welcome to this week’s Big Bonanza Lotto Draw,” droned a familiar voice on the TV. Carol grabbed the remote and turned up the volume. Don checked for the umpteenth time that he had their weekly lotto ticket in his pocket. They used the same numbers every week. The ticket was still there in his pocket. He pulled it out and held it tightly in his hand.

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birthday wish
I left work last night at 11:30 pm (as I always do) and as I began my drive home, it dawned on me that in just a few minutes it would officially be my birthday. Yep. At midnight the date would flip to August 28th.

The drive home is long and it’s a quiet, often lonely ride. There’s typically not a lot of traffic on a Wednesday night and this was certainly true last night – so I set the speed on cruise control, settled back in the driver’s seat and let my thoughts drift back in time. I started thinking about and remembering past birthdays … and my thoughts shot immediately and directly to memories of my mom as if they were an arrow just released from a high-powered bow – to the big deal that she used to always make about my birthdays.

My mom loved people and she always loved celebrating things. I was her first-born child – so my birthday was definitely not an exception. She’d always make a beautiful and deliciously yummy cake. There would always be presents decorated with bows and bright pretty paper. Sometimes the presents were great – the gift was something I’d asked for or had desperately wanted. Sometimes, however, the gifts were not terribly great or exciting. Quite often my birthday presents included clothes. While this would thrill me now, it didn’t thrill me much way back when. The clothes would be “school” or “church” clothes for the Fall and Winter. They were pretty (my mom always had excellent taste), but they were not necessarily “cool” clothes … and they were also clothes that I wouldn’t even be able to wear for several weeks – sometimes even months. Late August in New York can still be rather warm. These birthday clothes were cold or cooler weather clothes: sweaters, jackets, long-sleeved blouses, turtle neck tops, wool pants, etc. They were cool clothes but not in the right way.

But I digress. … My mom always made a very big deal of my birthday. She’d fix a special meal. She’d talk about it being my birthday all day. Depending on what day of the week my birthday fell on, she’d often invite others over as well to join in my birthday celebration – grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends.  We’d all eat cake. We’d all share a special meal. We’d all celebrate the fact that I’d been born.


And that thought led me to think about the questions that usually get asked a lot on birthdays: “What would you like for your birthday this year?” or “What’s your birthday wish?”

I knew the answers to these questions right away last night. And I’m sure you’ve probably already guessed them … but I’m going to go ahead and tell you about my answers anyway (because after all, it is my birthday – my special day:) - and because some of my answers might surprise you) so here goes:

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silly sunday
Silly Sunday” is a fun blog hop hosted by Sandee at Comedy Plus each week and you can click the link to be transported there. Here is how it works:

  • Blog about something funny, silly or laughable – a joke, comic, funny story, video, etc.
  • Add the URL to the funny blog post on the Silly Sunday Linky for the week over at Comedy Plus.
  • Hop around (from blog to blog) and enjoy the jokes, etc. posted by other Silly Sunday participants and have lots of fun and laughs!

Here is BLOGITUDES’ joke for this week:


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Raise your hand if you can remember a time when your phone couldn’t take pictures.

Do you remember how phones used to be? No picture taking. No text messaging. No internet. No apps. ???

Hard as it is to believe, I lie not. There was a time (way back in the dark ages of my youth) when phones were used strictly to talk on. They couldn’t take pictures or send text messages or access the internet. The only thing you could do on a phone was talk.

Can you even imagine that now? A phone not being able to do all the wonderful things that they can do today?

Well I can….


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