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It seems only appropriate (to me) that I should end this (1st) round of the 8-week One Word Blog Challenge with a post entitled Begin Again.:)

My official #1Word adventure began Jan. 7, 2015 when I selected the topic word Again and wrote about it … so think I’ll end this fabulous round of it with Begin today.

One of the things that I truly love about One Word is the way the words have caused me to consider and reflect on certain things (aspects of life) a bit deeper. Lisa has done an incredible job planning, organizing and maintaining it! The Challenge has been flawless! She picked awesome words each week for blogger/writers to select. She’s made writing a One Word post with a deadline, a much-enjoyed pleasure!

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compassionAs many of you blog and social media fans already know, this past Friday (February 20, 2015) was #1000Speak Day.

Several weeks ago (mid January) a group of writers/bloggers (led by Lizzi Rogers of Considerings, and Yvonne Spence) came together via the internet to form a group now known as 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion.

We currently are a group with nearly 1400 members (though the name indicates a mere 1,000, and it’s been in existence only a short time).:)And we all had only one goal and purpose in mind when the group formed – Compassion! We all desired to help encourage more of it. We wanted to write about it. We wanted to use our talents to share our individual thoughts and feelings about compassion and the world’s need for more of it … and we wanted ONE SPECIAL DAY to do it! So February 20th was declared #1000Speak Day – the day we would publish our posts and messages.

We started promoting the event/effort. We wrote our posts and prepared for the big day. Each of us by writing hoped that when we all came together on the 20th – when we published all of the articles we’d written that we’d cause a stir in someone – that Compassion would come forefront to the mind of readers … that our efforts would encourage – maybe even help change some bad to good. We wanted to write and hopefully make humanity more aware of the need for compassion. We were on the 20th and are today, united as a group in an attempt to make a difference of good in the world. Big or small. Whatever it may be – we are united in the hope that kindness will spread and changes will be made in how we treat one another.

Our members are from all around the world (with more being added daily as word spreads). Time zones were a factor that had to be worked out. How could we all post on the 20th of February when some of the members were nearly a day ahead or behind us? But our fabulous admins worked it all out and it happened. Each writer published their piece on the internet at some point of their Feb. 20th 24-hour period.

And a gigantic link-up stood at the ready to take in our individual articles once we had them published on our own blog or website. Check it out: #1000Speak Inlinkz Link-Up. An impressive collection – a massive link-up (library) that displays hundreds of #1000Speak (Feb. 20, 2015) articles regarding Compassion (complete with image icons and titles for each post). Each post “spoken” in a different “voice” of compassion – each taking a unique approach, using varying styles, interpretations, examples, feelings, and emotion.  :)

The link-up was not a requirement and does not reflect ALL of the #1000Speak articles written for February 20, 2015. It was merely meant to act as a convenient place where a library-type record of the posts could conveniently be stored for future reference – an easy way to gather, browse, read and share them. So… there are 600+ entries about Compassion listed in the link-up, but that in no way reflects the TOTAL of all #1000Speak posts written. To find more, simply search your sources of social media using the hashtag #1000Speak.:)

Unfortunately, there were some who (due to technical problems on their end, emergencies, illness, and other unforeseen problems) were unable to link-up on the 20th. They wanted to, but they simply couldn’t. …

Valerie Russo sadly falls into that category.:(She suffered health problems yesterday and ended up in the hospital E.R. today. Now that would be enough for a whole lot of us to say, “Forget compassion. I don’t have time to encourage it right now.” Or something along that line. … But not Valerie! She had a message – some thoughts she wanted to share about Compassion to help the cause of #1000Speak – to help spread and encourage a better understanding and use of it.

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compassionHave you ever hoped to be unforgettable to someone?

Have you ever had a friend or acquaintance in your life that you eventually lost track of as the years passed? Maybe one of you switched jobs or schools, or someone moved away – something changed and that friend was no longer part of your daily life. Years later, did your paths ever cross again? Did that old friend or acquaintance remember you? Though years had passed, had they never forgotten you? How did that acknowledgment make you feel? Were you happy to find out that you were unforgettable to someone?

A few weeks ago, I visited a new hair salon in need of a haircut. A woman just a bit younger than me was standing at the reception desk when I walked in. Without looking up, she asked for my name and signed me in. Then she looked up at me. Her head tilted slightly to the side, and she gazed more intently at me. “I know you,” she said.

I was both surprised and bewildered as I peered back at the woman. Nothing about her appearance looked familiar to me. My mind started racing through my past as I tried to figure out who she was and why or how she knew me. I came up blank. My memory offered no help of any kind. I couldn’t place her. The only thing vaguely familiar to me about this woman was her voice. It was raspy, somewhat high-pitched and perky. I felt as though I had indeed heard it before … but for the life of me, I couldn’t imagine where.

She proceeded to ask me questions. Had I ever had my hair cut at other salons? She named several where she had previously worked. Still, nothing rang a bell in my mind.

As a different hairdresser tended to my haircut, I kept trying to figure out how the other woman knew me. A happy and excited thought sprang to mind. Maybe she recognized me as the blogger on Blogitudes? Maybe she was a fan? Maybe that’s why she thinks she knows me? Wow! How cool would that be? A fan!

I felt famous for a few minutes, but the joyous feeling ended when my haircut did. The woman with the raspy voice cashed me out.

“I know how I know you,” she said. “You used to get perms at the salon on Main Street.”


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1000SpeakIn less than two hours from now, the big day arrives for those of us on the East Coast of the USA!

YAY!!!!  :) :-D

Tomorrow – February 20, 20151000 VOICES SPEAK FOR COMPASSION !!!!! #1000Speak.

And there’s more great news! Our name indicates that 1000 Voices will Speak For Compassion tomorrow. But as it stands right now, there are 1,250+ voices officially signed up to participate.  :-P

Those of us who are signed up have been doing all we can the past few weeks via blog and social media posts to promote this wonderful event. Maybe you’ve seen some of our posts. They carried the official hashtag #1000Speak – and they’ve been posted all over the place (on Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Pinterest). The effort everyone has put into this event has been nothing short of amazing, and because of our efforts, there’s a good possibility that even more than 1250 people will be participating tomorrow.

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