Worry: A Waste of Your Imagination


Do you ever worry about having a lack of money, or about your health, your weight, aging, your love life, your children, your parents, your siblings, your friends, your job security, your lack of time and/or a hundred zillion other things?

I do! I’ll admit it. I worry about all sorts of things … and I do it fairly frequently because my worries aren’t always just about me. I worry about my loved ones and their situations as well.

There’s always something happening – something changing in my life. There is almost always a situation coming up on the horizon – an event or problem that may or may not occur. It seems I never have a lack of things to worry or be concerned about. And I know I’m no exception. Life changes constantly for all of us. Still I worry. My mind grabs hold of these concerns and start twisting and turning and transforming them around. My imagination begins working triple overtime wondering, “What if this or that happens? Then what? And then what happens after that?” In no time flat, I’ve created and imagined a plethora of terrible scenarios – each scene worse than the one before it.

Recently, my Overactive Worry Imagination (or OWI as I now not-so-fondly call it – pronounced “owee” - like when you’re hurt and have a boo-boo) was brought to my attention. I had recently become aware of a situation that was about to occur and was worried about it. A friend and I were talking. We were discussing our cares and concerns – so I proceeded to tell her mine … and I didn’t hold back. I presented the situation and then rambled on and on about all the scenarios my imagination had concocted. When I finally took a breath, I saw that my friend was staring at me with a grin on her face.

“What?” I asked naively. The situation seemed pretty serious to me. What the heck was she grinning about?

“You,” she said. “You definitely worry too much.”

And that’s what got me thinking!

Who To Believe?

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AhhHaHa! My Blogging Creation Lives & Just Turned One!

Blogiversary (1)

My first year of blogging is complete! Blogitudes is officially one year old today! And I’m celebrating and pretty darn happy and pleased about this day!!!! :)

Let the fireworks begin!

If you’re a blogger and fairly new to blogging and have been doing it for at least a few months now, then I’m sure you’re probably half-crazed by this point and frantic to see your blog succeed. It wasn’t that long ago that I was walking in your crazy shoes. I know where you live! My blogging birthday post today is especially for you dear new blogger – because it’s from me – one new half-crazed blogger to another – a post that I’m sure you can very readily and easily relate to.

If, however, you’re an experienced blogger who has been successfully blogging away for a while now at an organized and much less-half-crazed pace …. then you have my most sincere respect and admiration … and my undying gratitude for having paved the way so beautifully for the rest of us bloggers to follow.


10 Things I Love About My Best Friend

Best Friends

The topic for this week’s Tuesday Ten is: Things I Love About My Best Friend 

This past Sunday was Friendship Day. Did you know that? Did you celebrate … or miss it altogether?

Just about every day on the calendar is some special day or another it seems. It’s hard to keep up with all these special days … and just about impossible to remember them all. Thankfully, Lisa and Rabia (the brains behind Tuesday Ten) remembered this one. In honor of Friendship Day, it was their wonderful idea that this week’s link-up should be entitled: