Tuesday Ten: Deserted Island Must-Have Items

deserted island

The topic for this week’s Tuesday Ten is:  Things I’d Bring to a Deserted Island.

Have you ever wanted to escape the chaos of your daily grind? Get away from the frantic rush to get to work on time and/or get your kids off to school? Leave behind all the deadlines you’re required to meet both at work and at home? Silence the roar of traffic, your noisy neighbors, the constant ringing and buzzing of phones? Put an end to shopping in overcrowded malls and grocery stores? Cease having to rush through chores at the end of the day with the desperate hope that you’ll have maybe thirty minutes left over that you can claim to yourself in which to unwind before you go to bed where you’ll try to get enough sleep … so you can get up the following morning and start the grind all over again? I mean really escape it all! Have you fantasized about leaving all this drama behind – completely behind? Have you pictured yourself someplace far, far away – like on a deserted island somewhere in the tropics where none of these chaotic things or problems exist?

I’m betting at least once in your life when your boss has been breathing down your neck, or when you’ve been stuck in busy rush-hour traffic, or when your neighbors have been partying in the middle of the night, or their dogs barking until dawn, or you’ve been standing in line for twenty minutes to buy a few groceries that you’ve imagined yourself on that deserted island. I know I have.

I’m getting ready right now in my imagination to go to that gorgeous island that’s deserted. I could spend all day just happily imagining it’s swaying palm trees, the warm sunshine on its sparkling white beach, the gentle swoosh of its tropical breeze that carries a scent of coconut, the colorful array of the island’s wildflowers, the peace and blessed quiet, but I must pack and prepare … because this week’s Tuesday Ten requires that I tell you what I’d take with me on my escape to paradise.


That’s Cheating

silly sunday

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Silly Sunday


Here is BLOGITUDES’ entry for this week:


The Dreaded Yard Sale

yard sale

If you’ve ever had a Yard Sale at your home, then this post should help remind you why you NEVER EVER want to have one again.

Every year there’s a town-wide Yard Sale weekend in our small town. This past weekend was the designated weekend for it. This town-wide event is quite popular in our area as many of the residents participate. This year was no exception – there were over 60 homes registered in the event and hubs and I were one of them. Prospective purchasers came from far and wide – including Canada.

I’d been dreading this weekend and this sale for months. It’s not the first one we’ve ever had. It was our third sale in a seven year span so I know how they go. I know how much work they are – before, during, and afterward. Still, it had to be done.

This past winter while Bill was out of work on unemployment, he decided to delve into the land of eBay selling. He had quite a few collector-type items that he’d collected along the way in his travels (and was still collecting) – so he opened an eBay store and started selling. He did quite well with it, but come April when he returned to work, he still had a large amount of things that had not sold. That was when he informed me that he thought we should have another yard sale this year … and that was exactly when I started dreading the weekend that we’d have it.

But have it we did and once again I was reminded of the many reasons…..

Tuesday Ten: Things That Help Me Relax


In honor of National Hammock Day, the topic for this week’s Tuesday Ten is: Things That Help Me Relax 

Did you know that today (July 22nd) is National Hammock Day? It is! I kid you not! I did a Google search in an attempt to find Hammock Day’s origin and to learn why there is such a “national” holiday, but my efforts were thwarted by a lack of information. No one knows how this day came into being.

What I did, however, learn about National Hammock Day is that it’s a day that’s been specifically set aside – smack dab in the middle of summer – to remind us to slow down, relax, appreciate and enjoy a day of wonderful summertime. And that to me sounds like a great idea!

I don’t own a hammock, but I do find other ways to relax nonetheless … and here they are: